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Tickets for Tony n’ Timmy’s Wedding: The Bachelor Party are now on sale! Click the show image on the right to purchase yours!

The show will run Saturdays, March 1-22 at 9pm at SPIN Nightclub (Corner or Belmont and Halsted). Tickets are $20 and includes 2 FREE DRINK tickets!

**SPECIAL GROUP PRICING AVAILABLE** Groups of 10 or more can receive $3 off each ticket using the code “GROUP10”, and groups of 20 or more can receive $5 off each ticket using the code “GROUP20”

Tony n’ Timmy’s Wedding: The Bachelor Party is BACK!

Last fall, 4 Days Late introduced a new interactive, partly scripted, partly improvised comedy, Tony n’ Timmy’s Wedding: The Bachelor Party! We are excited to announce that the show will be BACK and we are holding auditions for the upcoming run!

Auditions will be held: February 1st from 1pm-5pm

Description: 4 Days Late seeks men and women ages 25-35 for its new interactive, improvised comedy Tony & Timmy’s Wedding. All actors should have a strong background in improvisation, and will work from a combination of a scripted lines and guided scenarios.

Open roles include:
Tony – Successful, fussy, gay man in early to mid 30′s.
Timmy – Gregarious gay man in late 20′s.
Benji – Very extraverted, fun-loving, flirty straight man in late 20′s or early 30′s.
Kael – Fashionable, avant-garde, pretentious gay man from LA in late 20′s.
Samson – Kael’s short, mute, mysterious sidekick.
Constance – Sweet, fun-loving, but very sheltered woman in her late 20′s.

Time Commitment: Auditions are February 1st from 1pm-5pm. Rehearsals will be twice a week beginning on February 11th. Performances are Saturdays at 9pm from March 1st-22nd.

Contact Info:
Email a headshot and resume to

Let’s Write This Thing!

“America: Horror Story” head writer and cast member, Dan Gold, shares how the show was born and his experience on the project.

Dan Gold-Headshot

I was very excited to serve as Head Writer for 4 Days Late’s newest sketch revue for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, and I was very eager to lead a team of intelligent, talented, and creative writers.

Right before Thanksgiving, we had our initial ideation session for our new show, and we discussed a lot of “big picture” goals that we wanted to achieve in our newest revue. First, we wanted to create big characters that are still grounded. There’s fun in flexing the type of writing muscle for creating zany, silly, creepy, exotic, and larger-than-life characters, and it’s doable without creating cliché caricatures. If big personalities are built in to the written page, they’re that much more powerful when they come to life on stage. I didn’t intend for that to rhyme.

Second, our group discussion also yielded some great ideas about what we wanted to say with this piece. We wanted to deliver a sketch show with very sharp political and timely satirical commentary. We wanted to push some envelopes, we wanted to be biting, and we wanted to make people think. Some of the best lessons comedy teaches happen when stakes are high, and people are uncomfortable. However, it’s not helpful to be shocking for the sake of being shocking. There’s a delicate tightrope to walk to achieve this successfully, and it’s extremely rewarding when we, as writers, acrobatically balance it to make people stop and think.

These two overall goals don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. It’s one thing to create a big, silly character. It’s an entirely different thing to write biting commentary. But it is even more challenging to marry the two, and still say something unique. And we can’t forget that at the end of the day, we want it to be funny : )

I am an avid reader of The Onion, the satirical newspaper that I consider to be the absolute best writing that makes people laugh, but also stop and think. It’s silly, but brilliant. In October, I enrolled in a writing class at The Second City called “Writing with The Onion,” taught by The Onion’s founding editor, Scott Dikkers. In this class, we explored the depths of various types of written prose that The Onion is known for. We discussed the “science” behind what makes their satirical delivery funny, how to find that, and how to play with it in the way that The Onion does so masterfully. Each week, we would dive deep into prior articles as examples, analyze the breakdown of the articles’ comedic science, and have specific writing assignments geared towards the focuses of that week. I was in “Onion Nerd” heaven.

Behind all of The Onion’s writing is really strong subtext…the underlying message intended to be conveyed. In terms of finding that subtext, it’s more relatable for audiences when the writers have an honest, natural discovery of it. This comes from everyday listening, observing, and staying informed. Even more crucial is taking an extra step to form strong opinions about it. From there comes the real fun…putting the unique spin on that message and playing the game…in that spin is where the comedy lies and where creativity starts to flourish. That’s when people say “Oh wow, that’s smart humor. That’s great writing.”

Importantly, this model is so similar to the 4 Days Late writing process, and what I love about our organic discovery of “finding the funny” as sketch comedy writers. We listen, watch, and observe. We form strong opinions. We collaborate as a collective to discover how we want to deliver our messages. We play with the unexpected, and work under the 4 Days Late mission of creating genre defying, original work that implicates our audience and ourselves.

For something of this nature, it’s essential to find the “what” of our show. We ask ourselves, “What have we all observed, what do we want to say, and what is the way that it hasn’t been said before?”  For a strong message, it’s not enough to just observe; it’s crucial to process it, and form an opinion about it. Our discussions for this particular show began with a very general discussion of current events in the news. We emailed out links when we weren’t in the writers room, stayed informed, and always brought each discussion back to “how do we feel about this?” This helped find the show’s voice. As writers, we then figure out how to deliver those opinions, through the device of sketch comedy and a solid thematic through-line.

The particular conversations that we had always led to aspects of our country that are awful. We can all admit that while it’s certainly a great place, America is full of things that are just plain terrible. Things that are jaw-droppingly scary. Things that horrify us… “America: Horror Story” was born.

We now had a unified theme to continue the writing process with a pointed message. We created big characters and wrote sharp commentary around them, keeping in mind our clarity, purpose, opinion, and a ton of fun moments that we wanted to inject in the piece. I’m extremely proud of the writers and our script, but even prouder to watch it come to life. Our awesome director, Anna Schlegel, has a wonderful vision for the show, and is using her brilliant creativity to make this edgy, smart, different, creative, and funny. The cast is diving right in to execute Anna’s vision. They’re working hard and having fun playing such a wide range of character types, and never forgetting the big picture of our show’s message.

No spoilers here though, if that’s what you wanted. You’ll just have to come to our Sketchfest show on Sunday, January 12th at 8 pm at Stage 773. We’re very proud of our newest sketch revue. So lock the doors, check under the bed, and come scream laugh with us during “America: Horror Story.”


AmericaHorrorStoryPosterWithTextLet’s admit it… 2013 was pretty terrifying!! The government shut down, Zimmerman walked free and Miley Cyrus stole Amanda Bynes’ thunder. The inmates have taken over the asylum and we think that laughing about it is better than crying. So lock the doors, check under the bed and come scream laugh with us!!  Our brand new SCARY FUNNY sketch show, “America: Horror Story” will premiere this SUNDAY, January 12, at The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. 8pm at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont).  

Directed by: Anna Schlegel

Cast: Dan Gold, Tony Jaksha, Erin Johnson, Alex Myerchin, Alex Pass, and Nate Stoner


Let’s BE sexy one more time in 2013!

Don’t have New Year’s Eve plans yet!? Don’t worry! 4 Days Late and Studio BE have got you covered. Join us we co-host this years New Year’s Eve party!! Here are the details!










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The Viral Engagement

On December 15, Jason Lord proposed to his beautiful girlfriend of three years, Jackie Prater! AND SHE SAID YES! Jason, with the help of his talented musical friends and members of 4 Days Late, performed the song “To Be With You” by Mr. Big, a song they drunkenly sang together on one of their early dates. The big moment came when Jason presented Jackie with a video of her favorite actor, Aaron Paul, telling her that Jason had something to ask her. The whole thing was just awesome and beautiful and AARON PAUL!?

On December 16, the whole world heard about! The video has over 100,000 views and their engagement has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, E!, People Magazine, Perez Hilton, BuzzFeed, Hollywood Gossip, and so on and so on and so on! Check out the video below.

Congratulations, Jason and Jackie! WE LOVE YOU!

Friendsgivng: 4DL style

Members of 4 Days Late gathered yesterday at Anna and Branson’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving! Grab some leftovers as we share some tips and highlights from Friendsgiving 2013!!

photo (12)

Tip #1: A beautiful table setting. The table is where all the magic really happens! You celebrate, laugh, share thanks, and stuff your face with all the delicious food your friends have spent hours preparing (if they’re honest). Spend the extra time to make it festive! Anna used fresh flowers, a vintage tablecloth, charger plates, and an assortment of mason jars for this beautiful look! 

photo (5)

Tip #2: Alcohol. No Friendsgiving is complete without booze! Only had time to pick up a cheap bottle from 7-11? No worries, a few glasses in you’ll forget what $5 tastes like. Those wine lips will later make an appearance in your Instagram photos, so have a bottle of white on standby.



*You can really impress your friends, as Anna did, with these Cranberry Jell-O shots. Hit her up for the recipe!*


photo (9)

Tip #3: Give thanks. Sharing what you’re thankful for is a Friendsgiving must. Jazz up this tradition with these personalized bags. Throughout the day, write down reasons you’re thankful for the other guests and drop it in their bag. At the end of the night, grab your bag. You’ll have fun reading the messages everyone left you and remember why you chose to spend the holiday with your amazing friends!


photo (4)Tip #4: Sweet Tea. Because YESSSS!!. Jordan embraced the Southern girl in her and brought this! All the fixins for REAL SWEET TEA. You could even spike it with some Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka. This would also make a great holiday gift.

photo (3)

Tip #5: TURKEY! The turkey is the star of Friendsgiving! Our tip, get A REALLY BIG TURKEY! You want to be sure to have enough for seconds and some for everyone to take home leftovers. There is nothing better than a turkey sandwich the day after and the day after that. 

photo (1)Tip #6: Try everything. The cool thing about Friendsgiving is that there may be two of one type of dish. Tasting Caitlin’s awesome sausage stuffing and Anna’s more traditional style that stuffed the turkey was great. Not only is it more food but it’s pretty special sharing recipes from the Thanksgiving you have with your family. And don’t be afraid to pile it up!

photo (11)Tip #7: Take a nap. You have successfully consumed a ridiculous amount of food and probably alcohol at this point. You couldn’t possible eat another bite but refuse to give up on dessert, so listen to your body and sleep! You’ll wake up ready for another plate of mashed potatoes or that pumpkin pie you’ve been eyeing all day.

photo (7)

Tip #8: DESSERT! Dessert at Friendsgiving may be the best part. You get to try two different pumpkin pie recipes or that non-traditional dessert that someone shares from their own traditions. And don’t even think about buying a pie from the store. Impress everyone and show off your baking skills with something homemade.


So, there you have it. Friendsgiving with 4 Days Late! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and were able to spend the day with the ones you love most. We are so thankful for all you who continue to support and show us love. Happy Holidays!!

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