Questions Only

Hello, my name is Alex Myerchin, and I’m a futurist.  Much like a historian or the amateur “history buff”studies the past, futurists look forward.  Whereas looking to the past can provide explanations and answers, I like to think that looking to the future provides questions.  And trust me, I have questions.   My obsession with […]

That What Done Did Influence Me

I am a comedy nerd. I love comedy, not necessarily because it makes me laugh, but because it’s a fascinating and (ideally) uncompromising medium of expression. Comedy is the socially viable expression of norm violation, which means it always carries with it some degree of danger and portent. It may sound implausible to readers of […]

Love in Comedy: A Thought on Comedians in Love

And yes, just like the famous Chicago lady this title is parodied from, Imma name drop… except they have no idea who I am. I am merely an admirer from afar. “So these guys are going to do 20 minutes of improv to music, from a CD I just made,” stated one of my Year-2009-Boyfriends. […]

140 Characters (And I’m Not Talking About A ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode)

It’s becoming cliché to say that social media is transforming the world. But that’s because it is. While the Internet may still be a place for us to lose faith in our fellow mankind every so often (ahem, scrolling through the comments on a news article…), social media is changing the landscape of comedy writing. Not only do […]

Tony n’ Timmy’s Wedding: The Bachelor Party is BACK!

Last fall, 4 Days Late introduced a new interactive, partly scripted, partly improvised comedy, Tony n’ Timmy’s Wedding: The Bachelor Party! We are excited to announce that the show will be BACK and we are holding auditions for the upcoming run! Auditions will be held: February 1st from 1pm-5pm Description: 4 Days Late seeks men and women […]


Let’s admit it… 2013 was pretty terrifying!! The government shut down, Zimmerman walked free and Miley Cyrus stole Amanda Bynes’ thunder. The inmates have taken over the asylum and we think that laughing about it is better than crying. So lock the doors, check under the bed and come scream laugh with us!!  Our brand […]